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The manufacturing department has 3 production workshops, 10 production lines, including 5 lines, which adapt to many varieties of small batch production, but also meet the requirement of mass production, we make full use of the complete production system at the same time, combined with the characteristics of the product, change the mode of production, to meet the needs of customers in different industries.


Adopting superior management mode and production techniques

From warehouse management to workshop production and experiment inspection, Macro-s adopts advanced management mode and production technology, using advanced production facilities and inspection equipment, and we gain widespread reliance and favorable comments.

Our Worker

Automatic assembly line

The workshop is equipped with automatic assembly lines, with professional customized drawing board device. A wiring routing is indicated and wiring jigs are deployed on the drawing board. The method of assembling along the wiring routing meets the need of product model fast changing.


Macro-s has imported a batch of advanced and sophisticated production equipment from Japan and Germany, and fully realized the transformation and upgrading of assembly line operation from semi-automation to full-automation.

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